Message from Chairperson

Dear friends and colleagues,

As Chairperson of the Asian Indigenous International Network (AIIN), it is my great honor and privilege to welcome you to our organization's website. AIIN is a network of indigenous peoples' organizations, civil society groups, and individuals who share a common vision and commitment to promoting and protecting the rights and well-being of indigenous peoples in Asia and beyond.

Our network is grounded in the principles of self-determination, cultural diversity, and environmental sustainability, and we work to advance indigenous peoples' rights in a variety of areas, including land and resource rights, cultural heritage, education, health, and political participation. We believe that indigenous peoples have a unique and important role to play in shaping a more just, equitable, and sustainable world, and we are committed to supporting their efforts to do so.

At AIIN, we are guided by the voices and priorities of indigenous communities, and we work to ensure that their perspectives and needs are reflected in all of our activities and initiatives. We believe that by working in partnership and collaboration with other like-minded organizations and individuals, we can create positive change and advance the cause of indigenous peoples' rights and well-being.

I invite you to explore our website, learn more about our work and the work of our partners, and join us in our efforts to promote and protect indigenous peoples' rights and well-being. Together, we can make a difference and create a more just, equitable, and sustainable world for all.

With warm regards,

Phoolman Chaudhary