Our Mission

Asian Indigenous International Network (AIIN) is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Nepal. A team of experienced professional activists working in the field of Human Rights and Indigenous rights are under the umbrella of this AIIN.

Our mission is to empower indigenous peoples in Asia and beyond by promoting their rights, strengthening their voices, and building alliances with other indigenous peoples and civil society organizations. Our vision is a world where indigenous peoples are respected, their rights are recognized, and their voices are heard.

Asian Indigenous International Network has had a significant impact on the promotion and protection of indigenous rights in Asia and beyond. We have made notable impact in advocating for the inclusion of indigenous peoples' rights in the Constitution of Nepal and the development of a National Indigenous Peoples Policy in Nepal.

Our board members

Mr. Phoolman Chaudhary

Mr. Bansi D Chaudhary

Mr. Krishna Raj Sarbahari

Mr. Birendra Chaudhary

Ms. Pabita Neupane

Ms. Sulochana Suwal


Mr. Hari Prasad Paudel, the press expert, is a dedicated journalist who has dozens of contributions in his credit in National and International Media.